Corporate Security

  • Geo-Political Risks – International political conflicts threaten both the financial and operational stability of organizations. Companies require a framework to mitigate these risks and are looking for security professionals to structure them.
  • Due Diligence – Validating the integrity of an organization’s supply chain remains an integral part of security management. Company mergers and joint ventures are announced every day, and these activities require people with additional due diligence expertise.
  • Competitive Information – Intelligence continues to inform current and new corporate programs. Cross-organizational information sharing requires security professionals who have an appreciation for a broad business scope.
  • Counter-Intelligence – Raised public awareness of the security measures organizations should have in place ensures ongoing critical analysis. Security professionals who can conduct in-depth vulnerability assessments across the enterprise remain in demand.
  • Emerging Cyber Threats – Organizations are expanding their security functions to include a wide variety of roles to meet new cybersecurity standards and industry specific regulations. Predictive intelligence is required to ensure risk management and resiliency.