A.I. for Security & Threat Intelligence


A pragmatic approach

The best path from technology to human is the understanding of the need.

Our ambition is to design simple and effective answers to concrete problems in cyber intelligence and security. That’s why we do not think “wow!”, we think “Eureka!”.

We want to be fast and efficient so that you are too. If it exists, we do not reinvent the wheel, we integrate, adapt and improve it to create solutions that are as close as possible to the State-of-the-Art.


We leverage our cross-skills in digital engineering, cognitive sciences and data science in high-technology demanding domains such as Defense & Security and Industry.

As passionate builders, we enjoy close ties with applied research and the open source world so that we do not miss any conceptual and technological breakthroughs in our spheres of predilection.


7 rue Auguste Rodin, 91120 Palaiseau, FRANCE
+33 (0)9 72 89 36 39